Sunday, June 3, 2012

Galveston and SUMMER IS HERE!!

Hi everyone!  This is probably my 5th apology for my lack of posting, but life just gets so crazy sometimes!!!  

I mentioned a while back that we were going to Galveston on a field trip as an end to our beach and shell unit.  I was all sorts of nervous!  I mean... 60+ kids at a beach and they aren't allowed to touch the water... how in the world was that going to work?!  Can I tell you though?  BEST FIELD TRIP!!  It was so fun for the kids AND the teachers!  

They collected shells!!

The kids got out of school the Friday before Memorial Day, and I went back for two days last week.  It's now OFFICIALLY summer break and woohoo for that!  Because I am going to be in and out of town, I *probably* won't be posting much, but I am working on some great stuff for back to school that I will post closer to the end of the summer.  I promise I will be back and with a BIG announcement... :)  Well, maybe not that big, but an announcement nonetheless! 

Aaaaannnddd.... I just had to share this sweet picture of Reese swimming for the first time!!  She would only jump in the water to Mr. Hubs!!  Presh!!

 Happy summer!  (And if you're not on summer break yet, hang in's just around the corner!)

Love, Sara :)


  1. Jealous--I miss our Galveston field trips-they don't like us to go that far anymore because of the extra transportation costs-boo!

    That pic is just adorable-what a brave pup you have!


  2. your page looks your newest follower..drop by

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  3. I am your next newest follower-number 300! I had to follow because of your adorable puppy {and of course all of your great ideas}. I have a puppy just like yours-his name is Sampson and he just turned 1 in May. He is a bit of a giant but he doesn't know it.

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