Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back To School!

Well, my first day with kiddos was actually LAST Wednesday...yikes!  Can I tell you how absolutely EXHAUSTED I am!?  I forget every year how tired I am after the first week of school!

What I haven't told you all, however, is that I now am teaching FIRST GRADE!!!!  Wahoo!!  This actually was my second swap over the summer and I just hadn't posted about my new position.  I'm kind of glad I never did, so now I only have to tell you about my NEW new position. :)

I only found out I was teaching first a week before our inservice about shifting gears!  I spent all summer wrapping my brain around my OLD new position, only to change again!  Not only have I spent the last few weeks preparing myself for new curriculum, standards, schedules, and so forth, I  OBVIOUSLY also had to come up with a new decorating plan.  :)  I don't have pictures of my actual classroom because we have strict rules about associating our school with our personal blogs, but trust me, its cute and owl-o-riffic!  As for TpT  and Teacher's Notebook items, I will most likely be posting things that cater to both Kinder and First grade audiences. 

Not only has this past week been the start of my school year, but it also was a new start for Aunt Cheryl.  I posted about her situation earlier this month and her battle with Alzheimer's.  The same day I started school, Aunt Cheryl was moved to the Memory Care Unit of a Nursing Home.  As hard as this was for her and my uncle, we all know that this move will be the best option for all of us.  Please keep both of them in your prayers, and don't forget that all of my TpT proceeds from August are going to the Alzheimer's association in honor of Aunt Cheryl.

Hope you are enjoying the end of your summer/beginning of your school year!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love, Sara :)


  1. Good Luck in first grade. You will love it. I taught first grade for years and I do miss it.


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  6. Sara,

    It was great to meet you today! I just wish that we could have spoken a bit more. I hope that we all can get together again soon!


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  8. Sara,

    We are about to have our second Houston Teachers Blogger Meet Up! I hope you can make it! Here is the link with more info!

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